About Spookgeist

Many moon ago, a word was spoken into the void and Spookgeist appeared.  Better known by Ashe Arends in real life, she currently resides in the eastern side of the United States with her musician spouse and her cat, though they will be moving back to Northern Japan in early 2024. Ashe has has spent her life drawing and splitting her art obsessions between retro manga/anime and the old masters. Though her tools have changed from a crayon and her mom’s text books to a digital tablet and stylus her drive to create remains. As an aspiring fantasy book cover artist it's no surprise she can often be found with her nose in a book when she's not working side by side with her cat and office manager, Tsuki, picking up heavy things in the gym, listening to a podcast, or wandering around in the woods with her husband Aric. 

If you would like to contact Ashe, please chant her name three times as you scry into the reflective surface of your choice, or if you’d prefer the more traditional path, you can send her an email at supukugaisuto@gmail.com or slide into her DMs on your preferred social media. 

Other places Ashe can be found: