Spookgeist, better known as Ashe Arends in real life, was born in the US in 1990. She spent her childhood drawing in the back of books, sketchbooks, scrap printer paper, newspapers, etc. She has since graduated to sketchbooks and digital art, but nevertheless the obsession with art remains. She moved to the countryside of northern Japan for a while where she continued her career as a freelance commission artist and Patreon creator. She has recently returned to her home country with a renewed passion for art after spending so much time in such a beautiful landscape.

As an aspiring fantasy book cover artist it's no surprise she can often be found with her nose in a book when she's not working side by side with her cat Tsuki, or on a bike somewhere in the wilderness with her husband Aric. 

Behind the scenes art content (sketches, progress images, tutorials, etc) can be found over on Patreon.

Other places Ashe can be found: